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Friedrichshafen, August 26, 2015—TranzX, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of bicycle components and systems for e‐bikes, will introduce a series of new connected e‐bike systems at Eurobike that provide riders with more comfort and flexibility. The company will also showcase three new motors that feature its product communication system LogiX which connects users to their GPS and Smartphone devices. The company will round out the new product line with three battery types, highlighting the different advancements to come in the 2016 season. Also being unveiled at Eurobike, the world’s leading bicycle trade fair, is a new consulting service for OEMs.

The manufacturer’s own product communication system LogiX, based on CAN‐Bus technology, will be available on all of its new products to increase the connectivity between the system components. The technology is now accessible via USB connection to GPS and Smartphones, allowing riders to easily sync their devices with all of the relevant stem data while riding. Key indicators such as traveling speed, pedaling support level, battery status and an accurate assessment of the battery’s capacity and the expected riding distance are all transmitted to the connected device. It also has a feature that enables it to self‐test and print a diagnostic report via a USB connection, allowing bicycle mechanics to quickly diagnose all possible issues.

TranzX will also launch the high‐torque M25GT, cost‐efficient M16 Central Motor and the superlight F15 Front Motor at Eurobike. Each designed to set a new aesthetical standard while integrating seamlessly into any frame design, the new line of motors have nearly negligible weights, packing efficiencies between 77 and 82 percent. All are relatively noiseless, compatible with coaster breaks and supported by an RPM sensor and controller. Each comes equipped with LogiX technology based on CAN‐Bus, allowing connectivity with a GPS or Smartphone.

Three battery variations will also be displayed: the BL18, an in‐tube battery; the BL19, a semiintegrated down‐tube battery; and the BL07, a rear‐rack battery. Both the BL18 and BL19 integrate stylishly into the bike’s frame, and all three offer a powerful solution to e‐bike charging. The BL18 and BL19 can be charged while attached to the e‐bike or removed for charging, and the BL07 offers extended range. Each comes in a 36V and 48V version.

New Consulting Service

Based on Years of Success Nicknamed TES, TranzX’s new Engineering Services stem from the company’s ten year history of successfully working with leading OEMs in the industry. The company’s philosophy encourages close relationships with customers to adapt E‐Bike Systems and components for new bike designs, and the new service is aimed at using this feedback to allow OEMs to build bicycles based off of their individual needs.

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