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A new standard for e-bike drivetrain technology in the high speed sector

aiwan/Bad Nauheim, May 2016 – With the all new M25GTS motor generation TranzX designed an extremely strong and reliable drivetrain solution for modern S-Pedelecs. It‘s compact size allows a smart and nearly invisible integration in to the e-bike frame. In addition there is a very low noise emission of about 70 decibel, even with the higher power output, compared to other S-Pedelecs on the market today.

TranzX has more than 30 years’ experience within the field of manufacturing of high quality bicycle components and invested this know-how in to the design of the new M25GTS motor generation. So the motor is highly efficient and generates with its 400 W a max. torque of 70 NM. This output is up to now only known from much larger motors and good for a max. speed of 45 km/h, before the electronic speed limit unit is automatically engaged.

The new M25GTS motor offers as one of the very first of its kind the opportunity to be easily and unobtrusive integrated into the frame design of modern S-Pedelecs with center motors. So the M25GTS motor is setting a new standard in the global e-bike industry.

The new city-e-bike “Radar Speed”, manufactured by Winora, is a good sample for the impact of an smaller motor on the overall e-bike design: the motor is nearly invisible and with only 4,08 kg weight of the motor the M25GTS turns the Radar Speed into one of the lightest e-bikes in its category.

The all new M25GTS center motor comes with TranzX’s innovative LogiX-technology. TranzX first introduced its state-of-the art digital communications system LogiX in 2014 and has constantly developed it ever since.

Based on CAN Bus (Controller Area Network) technology, the manufacturers’ own product communication system offers an easy-to-use diagnostic software that is checking consciously the motor performance. In combination with the new M25GTS motor the perfect match for a reliable drivetrain solution and best customer satisfaction possible.

About the LogiX-technology

With the intuitive and easy-to-use diagnostic software LogiX for e-bikes, bicycle dealers are able to diagnose the exact error of the individual components more quickly on their own PCs. Connected through only a single USB cable, the software can perform self-tests to read all relevant data and specifications of the e-bike. This allows TranzX to provide customers with a much more efficient after-sales service.

The LogiX software is currently available in four languages: German, English, Dutch and French. Dealers can download and install the necessary software from the company website (www.tranzx.com) straight to their own PC. Registration in the dealer area of the website is required.

About TranzX

The JD Group, headquartered in Taiwan, develops and manufactures environmentally friendly electric drive systems for e-bikes and bicycle components under the trade name TranzX. Since its founding in 1986, the company has established itself as one of the leading manufacturers in the biking sector, supporting the world’s ever-increasing demand for innovative and exponential mobility solutions for an increasingly demanding public.

TranzX was launched in 1992 and quickly became one of the world’s leading bicycle brands. Today, the brand stands for technological competence, reliable product quality, and innovative and sustainable development. The combination of revolutionary technology and unique product design breathes vitality into the brand’s claim, “Inspiring Your Ride”: improving today’s urban and suburban mobility with practical products flaunting decisive extras: mobility fun, long product life and sustainable environmental friendliness.

Today, the company employs more than 4,000 specialists in its subsidiaries in Taiwan, China, Japan, Germany and the USA, including three manufacturing plants in Taiwan and China. TranzX owns over 150 patents and more patents pending, manufacturing innovative mobility products for many of the world’s leading bicycle brands around the globe.

1. May 2016